FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


All three levels of government and related agencies provide rebates:

  • Federal: Canada Greener Homes Grant – up to $5,000, plus an additional $600 for the services of an energy advisor.
  • Provincial: BC offers two rebates through CleanBC, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC, depending on where you live.
    In Metro Vancouver, it will be CleanBC and BC Hydro. Up to $6,000 in total rebates.
  • Some municipalities also offer various amounts of top-ups, administered through CleanBC. Between $350 to $2,000 in rebates.
  • CleanBC Income Qualified Program (IQP): For homeowners who’s income is below a certain threshhold, there are additional rebates that are available. This IQP cannot be cominbed with any other provincial or municipal offer. Up to $9,500 in IQP rebates.
  • Rest assured, our staff will assist clients in identifying the most suitable rebate program and help guide them through the entire rebate process.

Our machines are cold-climate rated and can operate normally at temperatures as low as -25°C. Some models can even operate at temperatures as low as -40°C, although their efficiency will be reduced.

Metro Vancouver’s climate is well suited for heat pumps, we are one of the few places in Canada where it actually makes sense (and dollars & cents) to switch to heat pumps, because of the mild winters, and the clean & affordable electricity from hydro power.

Our heat pump machines are highly efficient and energy-saving, using variable frequency technology that is not expensive to operate. 

No, since the vast majority of condos are much smaller in area, government rebates are only available for houses and townhouses.

Rebates should be mailed to you from the various government agencies sometime between 3 to 5 months after submitting the application. The time it takes does vary, so just keep an eye on your mail inbox!

Our lead technicians have over 15 years of experience in the HVAC sector, they are professional, highly experienced, and expertly skilled, with a solid portfolio from many years of successful design and installation of various HVAC systems, whether they be residential, commercial, or industrial.
As a bonus, we are one of the first members to join the Heat Pump Council of Canada.

We carry systems from Mitsubishi Electric, American Standard, Tosot, Daikin, Fujitsu, and York. Each model will have some differences, although they are all over good, just in slightly different ways. The heat pumps are all selected based on their price-to-performance ratio in regards to each client property’s characteristics as well as the needs and preferences of the customer.

We carry an industry standard warranty of 10 year parts and compressor provided by the manufactorer.

We offer 1 year labour free starting on the date of installation.

Extended labour warranty is available for purchase.

Yes, although right now we prioritize our technicians to serve our clients who have purchased and installed heat pumps and air conditioners from us.

We prioritize emergency repair calls and aim to respond as quickly as possible, usually within the same day to minimize inconvenience to the client.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to provide HVAC services in Metro Vancouver. 

Our 10,000 square feet warehouse in Richmond contains a wide range of parts, equipment, and materials needed for HVAC installation and repair services. This allows us to provide timely services to our clients with minimal delays.

Yes, we provide a range of residential electrical services, including EV charging stations and panels. Please contact us to learn more about how we may assist you.