Buy now, pay later.


No payment, no interest for 9 months!

Financeit is a fintech company that offers financing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Canada and the United States. With a user-friendly platform and flexible payment options, Financeit makes it easy for businesses to offer financing options to their customers.

Royal Vancouver Air Conditioning’s clients can take advantage of Financeit’s payment plan to pay for their heat pump and air conditioning in their home by working with a contractor that offers Financeit’s financing options. The contractor can help the client create and submit a loan application on the Financeit platform, with loan amounts up to $100,000 and terms ranging from 12 to 96 months. This payment plan allows clients to make affordable monthly payments, rather than paying the full cost upfront, making it easier for them to budget and manage their expenses. Overall, Financeit provides a convenient and accessible financing option for clients to pay for their home heating and cooling needs.

Note: There are various Rebate programs available, click here to see the options. Royal Vancouver Air Conditioning offers full assistance to our clients in identifying the most appropriate rebate program for their specific situation and applying on your behalf, so as to make the process hassle free and efficient. We take the time to evaluate our clients’ needs and recommend the best rebate program available.